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TYPE OF FEED: Milk-based feed for foals from 7 to 60 days of age.

FORM OF FEED: 1/8th inch pellet

PACKAGING: 50 LB paper bags


Progressive’s FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets is a highly digestible milk-based feed for orphan or early-weaned foals. It contains the highest quality milk products, vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development. This product is a follow-up to FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder. FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellet may be introduced to orphan foals as early as 7 days of age and may replace FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder as early as 30 days of age.


• Nutritional balanced and formulated to meet the demands of the young, rapidly growing foal.

• Advanced nutritional philosophy incorporated into a pelleted feed.

• Contains a combination of milk products, essential amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals.

• Formulated to replace mare’s milk in orphaned or early weaned foals.

• To be fed free choice to foals from 7 to 60 days of age.

• Convenient to feed.

• Researched and Proven



Crude Protein, min. 21.0%

Lysine, min. 1.60%

Crude Fat, min. 8.0%

Crude Fiber, max. 2.5%

Calcium, min. 0.80% max. 1.20%

Phosphorus, min. 0.70%

Copper min 30 ppm

Zinc min 150 ppm

Selenium min 0.3 ppm

Vitamin A, min. 8,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D, min. 800 IU/lb

Vitamin E, min. 140 IU/lb



For foals expected to mature 1100-1300lbs.)

From birth through 30 days of age

Orphan foals should be fed FOALS FIRST® - Milk Replacer powder solution. Days 7-30 FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets should also be offered free-choice.

When the foal is 30 days old,

Reduce FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder solution by one (1) gallon and provide FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets until daily consumption of pellets reaches one (1) additional pound. This procedure should be repeated by reducing one (1) gallon of FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder solution and replacing it with one (1) additional pound of FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets until the powder solution can be completely eliminated. This weaning process should take 7-10 days

For foals orphaned at 3 weeks of age or older

Feed FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets free-choice. At 1 month of age for this size , foals should consume 6 to 8 lbs. per day.

At 60 days of age, the foal should be changed to FOALS FIRST® Starter and Creep. Refer to the feeding directions for FOALS FIRST® Starter and Creep.


Clean fresh water should be provided at all times to foals consuming Foals First® – Milk pellet

Managing the Foal

When the foal consumes the recommended amount of the liquid milk replacer before the next feeding, add a handful of FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellet into the same bucket. Foals are creatures of habit, so we must teach them it’s OK to eat dry feed.

When it’s time for the next feeding of liquid milk replacer, empty any milk pellets left in the bucket and provide the liquid FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer as usual. Once they begin to eat FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets from the bucket, provide them in a separate feed tub, free choice. Because of the milk based formula it to can be offered free choice.

A cereal grain based weanling ration is not recommended due to the low maltase activity in the foals intestinal tract at this age, which can cause acid gut syndrome and loose stools. This digestive upset from too much cereal grains, starch, can decrease the absorption of nutrients fed, predisposing them to nutritional deficiencies that could lead to DOD.