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TYPE OF FEED: Powdered all-milk replacer for foals from birth to 30 days of age.


PACKAGING: 50 LB paper bags and 10 lb Buckets


Progressive’s FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder is a highly digestible all milk foal milk replacer for orphan or rejected foals. It contains the highest quality milk products, vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development. FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder is formulated to be mixed with water and fed free-choice. Free-choice feeding allows the foal to drink milk as often as desired. The continual intake of milk is a natural and healthy way of consumption for the foal. FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder may be introduced to orphan foals day 1 – and should be fed to foals up to 4 weeks of age.



• Nutritionally balanced and formulated to meet the demands of the young, rapidly growing foal.

• Advanced nutritional philosophy for optimum growth and development.

• Contains a combination of milk products, essential amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals.

• Slightly acidified to limit over-consumption.

• Feed free-choice to foals from day 1 – up to 4 weeks of age.

• To be fed at air temperature for convenience.

• Very soluble for easy mixing and stays in solution.

• Researched and Proven



Crude Protein,min. 21.0%

Lysine, min. 1.6%

Crude Fat, min. 14.00%

Crude Fiber, max. 0.10%

Calcium, min. 0.80% max. 1.20%

Phosphorus, min. 0.70%

Copper min 30 ppm

Zinc min 150 ppm

Selenium min .3 ppm

Vitamin A, min. 8,000 IU/lb

Vitamin D, min. 800 IU/lb

Vitamin E, min. 140 IU/lb



Mix Foals First® - Milk Replacer powder at the rate of 1 cup (which is enclosed and holds 8 ounces of dry powder) per 2 quarts of water – or mix two cups per gallon of water. The Foal should be introduced to liquid milk by using a shallow plastic bowl. Slight warming of the first milk will encourage consumption. Once the foal learns to drink from the bowl, put the milk into a small bucket and hang it securely on the wall at shoulder height of the foal.

A foal with an expected mature weight between 1100 – 1300 lbs, should receive a maximum of 2 gallons of FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer the first day. For best results, divide the day’s supply of milk into two feedings. (continued on back page)

If the foal is still hungry, provide FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets and clean water free-choice. Increase the amount of FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer ½ gallon per day until the foal is drinking a maximum of 5 gallons daily. It is recommended that the total daily consumption be split into at least 2 feedings in order to keep the milk clean and fresh. FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer may be fed at the rate of 5 gallons per day until the foal is 4 weeks of age maturing to this size. The foal is then weaned and fed FOALS FIRST® Milk Pellets.


Managing the Orphan

After the colostrums has been consumed, introduce the orphan or rejected foal to the ad-lib, Foals First Milk Replacer. You may start the orphan drinking from a plastic bowl or with a lamb nipple, depending on how aggressive they are. (Note: if a nipple is used, make sure the opening is a least ½” wide). However, a nipple is not necessary and the foal will learn to drink from a shallow bowl or bucket shortly after birth. The foal does not have an esophageal groove like a calf, so there is no “by-pass” benefit from nipple feeding. Foals will learn to drink quite readily if you place your finger in their mouth, then, while they are sucking, raise the small bowl containing the liquid milk replacer up to their muzzle. Slowly remove your finger from the foal’s mouth while he is drinking. If he stops, repeat the above steps until he is drinking by himself. Always brink the milk up to the foal; do not force the foal’s head into a bucket. The first day you can warm the liquid milk replacer to encourage consumption. When the foal drinks without assistance, hang a bucket from the stable wall at shoulder height. This will allow the foal to drink whenever they want. The bucket should be a contrasting color to the wall to make it easy for the foal to find. The selected ingredients will also help maintain the natural pH level in the foal’s digestive system. The following management program is successful beginning with Progressive Nutrition’s, Foals First Milk Replacer Powder, then changing to Foals First® Milk Pellet at 2 months of age, then Foals First® Starter & Creep free choice at 4 months of age.