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FOALS FIRST® - Starter & Creep


TYPE OF FEED: Milk-based creep feed for foals from 7 days to 4 months of age.

FORM OF FEED: 1/8th inch pellet & texturized

PACKAGING: 50 LB paper bags


Progressive’s FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep is a highly digestible starter and creep feed for foals. It contains a combination of the highest quality milk products, extruded soybeans, steam rolled oats, vitamins and minerals for optimal growth and development. Since it is formulated to complement mare’s milk, it supplies the nutrients that diminish over time during lactation. As mare’s milk diminishes, foals require additional nutrients to maintain optimal growth and development. FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep can be fed to complement mare’s milk or as a weaned foal diet up to 4 months of age. FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep can be used as a follow-up diet for orphans after feeding FOALS FIRST® Milk Replacer Powder and/or Milk Pellets.



• Nutritionally balanced and formulated to complement mare’s milk.

• Advanced nutritional philosophy incorporated into palatable feed.

• Contains a combination of milk products, essential amino acids, fats, vitamins and minerals.

• To be fed free choice to nursing foals from 1-week-old to weaning or to orphaned or early-weaned foals 60-120 days of age.

• Formulated for optimal skeletal and muscle development.

• Convenient to feed.

• Researched and Proven


• Transition feed from milk to grain to complement changing enzymes.

• Contains a combination of milk sources for improved digestibility.

• Contains precooked extruded soybeans and steam-rolled oats for optimal digestion.

• Supplies vitamins and minerals for sound growth and development.



Crude Protein, min. 19.0%

Lysine, min. 1.25%

Crude Fat, min. 5.0%

Crude Fiber, max. 3.0%

Calcium, min. 0.80% max. 1.20%

Phosphorus, min. 0.70%

Copper (Cu) min. 30 ppm

Zinc (Zn) min. 140 ppm

Selenium (Se) min. 0.3 ppm

Vitamin A, min. 8,800 IU/lb

Vitamin D, min. 880 IU/lb

Vitamin E, min. 140 IU/lb





Nursing Foals

FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep should be provided free-choice to nursing foals. Foals should consume 1 pound of FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep per 100 lb. body weight per day. (A 200 lb. foal should eat 2 lb. of FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep daily). FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep should be fed to foals up to 4 months of age.

Orphan Foals

For orphan foals 60-120 days of age, provide FOALS FIRST® Starter & Creep free-choice. Foals will gradually increase the amount consumed per day. At 2 months of age, foals with expected mature weight of 1100-1300 lbs., should consume 6 to 8 pounds/day. At 3 months of age, they should consume 8 to 10 pounds/day.

Managing the Foal

The Foals First Starter & Creep feed is a milk-based feed, formulated for the young foal with a monogastric digestive system. Let the foal eat as much of the Foals First Starter & Creep, pellet or sweet feed, as they want until the foal is 4 months old or their Body Condition Score exceeds 6. Between 3 to 4 months of age the foal’s digestive enzymes are changing from lactase to maltase, and amylase, etc., and the cecum will begin to function (ferment). These changes will allow the young foal to digest cereal grains and forage (hay or pasture).

Age to Remove All Milk

At 4 months of age select a high quality weanling ration, formulated to be fed with forages, and mix it 50/50 with Foals First Starter & Creep feed for one week. After this, it is not necessary to feed milk to the weanling. This feeding program allows the manager to follow the normal changes in the growing foal’s digestive system. It will also promote optimal growth and maximum nutrient absorption, while reducing the chance of digestive upsets.