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1. Completely strip the stall of all previous bedding.



2. To start, add 2 to 5 bags of EQUI-LITTER for an average 12x12 stall. Lasts up to two weeks (without re-bedding) depending on your horse's excretion habits and how much time it spends in its stall. DO NOT add too much bedding in the beginning. EQUI-LITTER expands greatly as it absorbs moisture. Too much bedding will make it more difficult to clean and will not allow the stall to ventilate properly.



3. For cleaning, just remove the solids and the "wettest" spot(s) with a manure fork. You can mix the remaining wet areas into the rest of the bedding. The purpose of this is to have the drier bedding absorb the moisture. If the bedding becomes too dry or dusty, just sprinkle water as needed and mix thoroughly. The optimum moisture content is reached when the bedding feels slightly damp to the touch. Once this bedding process is started, you can maintain a comfortable base with an even consistency by adding more Equi-Litter as needed, according to your preferences.



4. You can repeat Step 2 every month, or you may add a bag per week for stall maintenance.




How To use





Directions for Proper Use

Using EQUI-LITTER may require changing the way you manage your stalls. Different horses (especially younger ones) may require the use of more bedding because of their stall habits. The product performs best on stall mats, cement and wood floors. Dirt floors require a different approach to the amount used and bedding maintenance. When managed properly, you'll love the results.